Our engineering department has developed and offers unique solution for water and wastewater treatment.

Our Solution

Water is an essential need for the life of organisms. The use of water is not only for domestic purposes, but also for industrial process, agriculture, landscaping, and many others. However, water shortages still occur everywhere. It is not just the problem of the decreasing availability of clean water sources today, but also unavailability of access for clean water or infrastructure. On the other hand, the increasing of contaminants to water resources caused by the waste streams which making water issues are more complex. Wastewater containing the number of organic substances that not easily degraded in nature. 

In order to face the global water and wastewater problems, PT ENERBA TEKNOLOGI continuously innovating technologies of water supply and wastewater treatment. We are committed to provide high quality water and wastewater treatment plant. PT ENERBA TEKNOLOGI uses its own laboratory, testing facilities, and various pilot-plants to overcome every challenge and to test your water under realistic condition. 

Industrial Water & Wastewater

> Water Treatment

> Wastewater Treatment

> Seawater Desalination

> Zero Liquid Discharge

> Leachate Treatment

> Spent Caustic

> Produced Water

> Ultrapure Water



  • Production process such as for boiler
    feed water
  • Cooling water for heat exchanger or engine
  • Condensate
  • Chemical dilution
  • Concentration of molecular solvents for food and dairy industry
  • Textile and Metal
  • Food processing
  • Dairy production
  • Laundry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Beverages industry


  • Potable or drinking water to communities
  • Residential area
  • Apartment
  • Office
  • Hospital
  • School
  • Public facilities


  • Potable and injection water
  • Water sources from a bore hole (well), river, lake
  • The ocean
  • Produce the quality of water